The Next Generation CIMRE Interface Modules
are ideal for a wide range of Industries
Discover next-generation
Interfacing Relay Modules.
Modular flexibility meets aesthetic, compact and
finger-safe design.
The Next Generation CIMRE Interface Modules
are ideal for a wide range of Industries
You can mix & match
to suite your needs with
CIMRE Interface Relay Modules
Discover next-generation
Interfacing Relay Modules.
Modular flexibility meets aesthetic, compact and
finger-safe design.
Maximise flexibility and safety in automation with Connectwell’s completely enclosed, DIN rail-mounted, compact CIMRE Relay Modules. A first-in-class design, this IP20 finger-safe product offers flexible and modular configurations for connecting 2 to 32 channels of electrical signals between PLCs and field devices.
Why choose next-generation
CIMRE Relay Modules?

Fully-enclosed IP20 rated design

  • Completely enclosed design assures no-shock hazards with an IP20 protection.
  • Ensures that critical components are not exposed to heat or dust deterioration, which can reduce the life of the module or cause untimely component failure.
  • Aesthetically enhanced look of the product is an ideal fit in modern control cabinets.

Custom configurations up to 32 channels

  • Accommodate last minute changes or circuit extensions without replacing the existing module.
  • Achieve multiple configurations (2 + 4 = 6 or 8 + 4 + 2 = 14) for up to 32 channels, with the unique ‘extension cable’ accessory

True 10 Amperes performance

No more compromises. Unleash the complete potential of relays with 70micron PCB track and screw connection technology proven over a billion times. CIMRE modules are the only solution which can guarantee a load current of 10 amperes.

Ease of wire entry, clearly visible status indicators

  • Large guided wire entry points ensure quick, easy and error-free wire insertion, with or without ferrules/lugs.
  • Individually assigned LEDs for relay status indication with clear, laser-marked channel identification.

Pre-installed long tail jumpers

  • Easy-to-use, long tail jumpers enable quick and easy creation of common negative circuits.
  • Safe IP20 socket design to connect jumpers and easily accessible pockets for parking the jumpers, when not in use.

Industry first long-life laser marking for circuit identification

A small but important design detail is the use of high-visibility and long-lasting laser markings on the module. This replaces sticker marking, which often fades, peels or wears-off.

Compact and secure mounting

Compact enclosure gives 35% volumetric saving with a robust, spring-loaded latching mechanism that secures mounting on the DIN rail.

Additional all-axis marking provision

A large vertical, flush-mounted area for marking is built into the CIMRE module. With the GMH8 accessory, raised horizontal markings can also be achieved, providing all round visibility.

High quality standards and approvals

The CIMRE Module complies with the IEC 60664 standards for insulation coordination and these Relay Module are assembled with UL approved components.
Industrial uses by application
ProtectionGalvanic isolation between the input and output of relays, avoids the transfer of any surges from field devices to the PLC/DCS, thereby, protecting highly valuable assets from damage.
Efficient SwitchingFacilitates switching of high power load output on PLC/DCS for equipment like contactors or motors.
IsolationIn some application areas, the field voltage and controlling voltages differ. In such cases, it is necessary to isolate the PLC/DCS from field voltages derived from devices such as solenoids and actuators.
Industrial uses by sector
Continuous Process Automation
Machinery and Factory Automation
Oil & Gas
Building Infrastructure
CIMRE Product Range
Connectwell is India’s leading manufacturer of Terminal Blocks, Interface Modules and Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). With decades of real-world experience, we have evolved into a global player known for delivering consistently high quality products and exceptional customer service. Our products are approved and certified by UL, CSA, VDE, ATEX and CE, among other international standards. Connectwell works with quality systems which adhere to ISO 9001:2015 standard and all processes and systems are mapped in SAP ERP system. The Connectwell Test Lab is recognised under the Underwriter Labs’ Witness Test Program — a distinction very few have received in the industry.